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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center at Red Feather Lakes, ColoradoNaropa University: Buddhist inspired college and graduate schoolRocky Mountain Insight Lucinda Treelight Green, Ph.D. is a Dharma teacher in the Theravada lineage and director of Rocky Mountain Insight in Colorado Springs, Co., USA. She received Dharma transmission from Ruth Denison of Dhamma Dena in southern California, who received transmission from U Ba Khin of Burma. In 1985, she entered a nunnery in Sri Lanka under the tutelage of Venerable Ayya Khema. Songs of the Dharma, Buddhist chants in Pali and English, is available from Treelight Productions, as well as metta and sweeping meditations. For details please contact TLG223@aol.com.

Buddhism: Denver Zen Center

Springs Mountain Zen Sangha

Buddhism: Zen Center of Denver

Buddhist Charities/Services in Colorado

www.keap.org Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project


“The work of Colorado Friends of Tibet is helping to create greater awareness of the Tibetan People’s plight and struggle. I thank you for your support of this worthwhile organization.” — The Dalai Lama

www.bpf.org – Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement

Info – Link sources

BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network – Gateway to Buddhism.

tricycle.com: The Buddhist Review Online — Best magizine about all forms of Buddhism

ZEN- Great zen site — cool graphics

Buddhism Online – 4Buddhism

LookSmart – General Guides to Buddhism

Fundamental Buddhism Explained Buddha’s Teachings Buddhist Instruction

Modern buddhism, tibetan, buddhist and zen links

DharmaNet International: Gateways to Buddhism

Zen Hospice Project > How to Help

Buddhist Association of the United States – Welcome to BAUS Homepage – Buddhism / Religion

House of Buddha.com Links to Other Spiritual SitesHouse of Buddha.com Links to Other Spiritual Sites

Modern Buddhism with stories about buddha, Buddhist art work, screensavers, and meditation

LookSmart – General Guides to Buddhism


Buddha Mind

Buddhism Depot

Buddha’s Village: Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism And A Place For Buddhist Friends To Meet

Glossary of Pali & Buddhist Terms

Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism

Pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of the Buddha

Texts from the BPS

Diamond Way Buddhism


Blackboard.com : Accessing ZEN ENLIGHTENMENT: Outside the Scriptures

The Village Zendo: An Archive of Dharma Talks: On Anger

Zen Ponderings

Zen Practice for Prisoners

Buddhism and Social Action

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association

Journal of Buddhist Ethics Home Page

Shi-tro E-card

A lighter side of Buddhism (Buddhist humor)

Hundred Mountain Home Page

Medicine Buddha Clinic: Acupuncture and Buddhist Therapy

Eyewitness: Michael Tierney on the Dalai Lama

Buddha’s Village: Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism And A Place For Buddhist Friends To Meet

Tibetian Buddhism sects / info – Dalai Lama – Tibet

Searching for the Dalai Lama: Dispirited stars find absolution in Buddhism

Tibetan Government in Exile’s Official Web Site

Free Tibet

Dalai LamaDalai Lama

Students for a Free


Tenzin Gönpo – In Memory of Tibet

Karma Kagyu Buddhist Cyber Centers

Book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Art of Tibet

Karmapa – the Black Hat Lama of Tibet

Om Mani Padme Hum: The Meaning of the Mantra in Tibetan Buddhism

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Buddhist artwork/gardens/buildings


Dharma The Cat

Zen Garden

Tibetan Art:Buddhist Links



Tibet Shop – Tibetan art and Buddhist products — Thangka paintings, statues, singing bowls, mandalas and incence

Books, Art, and products for sale

Indian Arts : Exotic India

Special Offers from Wisdom Publications

Silk Road Trading Concern

Endless Knot Rugs,tibetan rugs,area rugs,oriental carpets

108 Buddhist Items – buddhist ritual items, tingshas, malas, beads and incense

House of Buddha.com Free Buddha Giveaway

Tiger Tiger’s Buddhist Charms, Pendants and Amulets – Buddhist Symbols and Devices

108 Buddhist Items


The Gateless Gate

Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors

What is This Thing Called Self?

Zen Diving Organization

10 Bulls

AZI: What is Zen ?

Yahoo! Society and Culture>Religion and Spirituality>Faiths and Practices>Buddhism>Schools, Lineages, and Sects>Zen

In a Zen Garden

Zen Buddhist

Daily Zen Meditation

Lost Paradise, Zen, and the Four Great Realms of Heart

Reap the Rewards of Buddhist Practice


Zen Buddhism by Zen Master Bo Hum

Zen Guide: The on-line guide to Zen and Buddhism – Concepts, Discussion, Community, and Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions from alt.zen


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