The Best Deep Household Cleaning Checklist

Contrary to what many do, you do not have to wait until autumn or spring to conduct a thorough household cleaning. Things become dirty pretty fast, particularly if you have a large family. Investing regular time and effort is the best way to keep a clean home. However, you should do a thorough cleaning once in a while, and this calls for a household cleaning checklist. Here is one that will come in handy:

Declutter- this is the first step when it comes to deep cleaning. You’ll need a space for everything or do away with things that aren’t used regularly. Excess creates a messy feeling and decluttering will make a thorough cleaning project easier.

Start from the top- It’s always best to begin from the top and work your way down, regardless of the kind of cleaning. Begin with the hard to reach spots such as baseboards, walls, and ceilings. Use a microfiber cloth to dust as much as you can reach. You can use a beeswax-based cleaner or warm water to get rid of the dust. If you saw bed bugs in your house, do not hesitate to call a pro to exterminate them. You can call Seattle bed bug removal they will probably help you.

Clean the windows- Here, you will need paper towels and a microfiber cloth. Begin by spraying the window cleaning product and allow it to sit for about half a minute. Next, begin rubbing the microfiber cloth until the dirt is gone. Lastly, wipe everything down with a paper towel while the surface is still wet in order to make the window ultimately clean. Don’t also forget to clean your air conditioning at home. has affordable rates.

Clean the floors- start by vacuuming. Regardless of the floor type, you’ll need to get rid of the dust first. If you have hard flooring, use a mop for the best results.

If your house has mold, best to let it to a pro. is a certified mold professionals.

Do not forget the bathroom- Start by cleaning the shower curtains, wipe the bathtub with a cleaner that’s capable of disinfecting and get rid of the soap residue. Clean the sink, toilet, as well as the bathroom mirrors and windows. If you experiencing leaks, call water damage clean up service.

Also, kitchen cleaning is important. Do not forget to clean it specially your kitchen equipment.

If you have a grease trap at home, clean it regularly. Find a reliable grease trap cleaning service.

With this simple checklist, you should be able to deep clean your home like a real pro.

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